Mountain is a poem I wrote in early 2022 while waiting for the ferry to cross the Howe Sound, looking North East towards Gambier Island from Langdale, after I had just received news that my Dad had only a short time left to live. The visual below was created from the poem using GPT4 to translate the poem into a prompt to seed MidJourney (V5) and selected after a couple of rounds of iterative creation.


by Jason Zerbin

I want to hold you oh mountain

like the wisps of a late winter fog

dancing slowly through your knotty pines

and the sea foamed tides

lapping gently at your rocky shore.

I want to watch you from the gaze of a gull

floating without effort around your crooked towers

falling towards you in a rhythm that I don’t create

moved only by the pulsing of wind

pulled up against your sullen outcropping.

I want to love you like a mother bird

sit upon you and keep you warm

and safe from the frigid gale that beats down on you

in attempt to soften your proud spires.

I want to witness your outlasting indifference

fold into your protective clefts

hide within your stony arms as the coastal storms pass

as in time they all do.