Hackney Angels

As part of my Global Leadership Masters I developed a model for measurably achieving social good by leveraging impact minded investment and sustainable business practices.


There is a great deal of uncertainty about whether modern charities present the best vehicle for achieving positive social good. Very often they are plagued by organizational inefficiencies, meandering mandates, as well as odd and often toxic relationships between givers, the charity, and the communities they are created to serve.

As part of my MA, I explored the space of Social Impact Investing and proposed a new model for community led investment in impact minded business. Ultimately, I concluded that business ventures (when initiated, co-funded, and informed by the communities in need) are a more effective vehicle for securing the social impacts that charities set out to achieve.

I did an in-depth exploration on the literature in the space and proposed an Angel Investment Network for Hackney in East London. Generally, I would accept that there is a role for charities, business, and social institutions to all work together to achieve preferred social outcomes. Unfortunately, each tend to work for their own preservation – often leading to spent resources and marginal success in achieving the declared impact aims.