Skinnydip Records

Business Development & Creative Strategy (Global)

We built a curated roster of creative talent in music for streaming, ads, and film – while establishing a global licensing business.


Skinnydip Records is a boutique Canadian music label I co-founded in 2020 to develop world-class musical talent and export it to global creative markets. We represent this growing roaster for licensing, produce custom film scores, release music on digital streaming platforms, and provide a suite of coaching and artist support services.

Edwin Violet – Artist Development (2023)


Since our founding with just a single artist (my pal Isaac Haines) we have grown to represent a global roster for music in Films, TV, Ads, and other licensing opportunities.

• 27+ Creators

• 15,000+ Licenses

• 12M+ Streaming Reach

Catalogue highlights include: NBA, NFL, MLB, FOX, BBC, MTV, Degrassi, Walking With Dinosaurs, Castle, Station 19, A Bigger Splash, Nestle, So You Think You Can Dance, Trading Paint, and many more.


We support our artists at all stages of their growth and help them navigate the complex world of artistry and business. We work with them from early-stage artist development, through asset creation/management, to the monetization of their art in various ways. We are motivated by helping them tell their story in the world in an honest and meaningful way. Transformation in a moment, a song, a lyric – one dip at a time. We are proud to say our roster is filled with some of the world's most talented indie creators.

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