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In my 15+ year career in the creative industry I've had the privilege of working as a multi-disciplinary artist, musician, producer, and creative collaborator on a variety of projects.

Throughout my career I've had the privilege of sharing bills with acts like The Flaming Lips, have had songs I've created featured in TV shows like So You Think You Can Dance and Degrassi, been in Films such as Walking With Dinosaurs and Trading Paint, have reached over 12+ Million Streams, hit Top 20 radio chart positions, and worked with brands like NFL, BBC, XBOX, Arc'teryx and others.

The creative act is fundamentally what differentiates humanity from the rest of the natural world. This unique ability to form an internal imagination and then materialize it in the physical world marks us with the Imago Dei – a thing within the 'created' world doing the act of creating. This of course is a pretty human centric view and it only takes a small zooming out in time and space to see that life (inclusive of the cosmic scale of universal birth and death) plays this game in it's fractal forms.

This exploration has been the deepest and most meaningful work of my life (for now...but theoretical physics is starting to compete). It started in the pews of a church as a 5 year old writing my first song and then convincing the music leader to work on it with me. It progressed within that religious context – mining the caves of emotion, and facilitating moments of worship, awe, and spiritual catharsis as a musician. Then it carried me through the turmoil of deconstruction, the death of identity, and the storms of the last number of years including the death of my Father.

I've found that this work of dreaming, bringing into existence, and then witnessing a work's resonance with others takes me beyond art as a social or business practice to art as a fundamentally spiritual act. Heady words perhaps but definitely my experience. Below are links to some projects I've had the privilege of working on as an artist, songwriter, film composer, producer, and collaborator. Also some videos you can watch!



The first single off my 2022 record Immortal Love.

A project with long time collaborator Peter Mol shot in the gorgeous Joshua Tree Desert.

Recorded with best palls Aaron and Brad from Family of Things and shot on the beautiful Sunshine Coast on an old camcorder in the first summer of the pandemic.

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